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Under the hot sun of the southern California desert rests paradise and misery, a place where wealth and poverty uncomfortably coexist. On opposite sides of the block walls that define excess, one young man and his family struggle with the burden of desiring to be more than their caste allows and the tragedy of circumstance, while another family wields power with disregard

In Dust Covered Dreams, author E. A. Graham illustrates the clash of those who have dreams and those who no longer have the need to dream, so seek power. Is a young man’s difficulty in life due to poor choices or is he a victim of circumstance? Is a man’s path in life determined by effort or birth? Is one side of the wall judged by the same standards as the other side? What does one do when life deals a harsh hand again and again? Through the story of Gabriel Zapata you will experience both sides of the walls.

E. A. Graham is the author of The Last Old Man and can be found wandering the desert he calls home.

Publisher: iomam
Author: e. a. graham
ISBN: 0976016818
ISBN-13: 9780976016816
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"The novel takes readers deep into the heart of both families, touching upon moral issues, justice, and family. Dust Covered Dreams taps into issues such as racism and classism and the strength of the human spirit. It is a story of perseverance and hope. It is all these things and more. Both thought provoking and entertaining, Dust Covered Dreams is worth reading."

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